Kopwin Brand Camping and Outdoor Products was formed in 2016 by Robert “Woody” and Kelly “Burner”

Friends for over 30 years, Robert and Kelly have been camping together with their families all over Northwestern United States, Western Canada, and the Rocky Mountains. There also was that one night in Mexico, but not sure if sleeping on the beach for one night (who knew tequila can be that strong), is official camping. Hehe

After a disastrous weekend trip to Christina Lake in British Columbia Canada, where they saw one of their tents rip apart, 3 sleeping bag zippers break, and water containers imploding, they realized there are not a lot of decent quality camping and outdoor products available for a reasonable price.

Being a small but caring company, Robert says they have time to listen to their customer’s wants and needs. “We spend a lot of time on social media channels asking and listening to what products, features, and improvements we can make on our own or other company’s existing products”.

“We take immense pride in our products because we use them all the time”, says Burner Kelly (don’t ask, but if you do, it’s a pretty funny story). We won’t design or sell any products that we wouldn’t confidently use ourselves and with our families. We demand excellence and are dedicated to giving our customers an outstanding experience with our products.

If you need to reach out or contact us, we are always available to reply or just listen to what our customers say. We LOVE feedback. Hardly any other companies base their business on this important principle.

Feel free to send us a message anytime at support@kopwin.com or call us at (646) 948-2299