New Gear and Food Finds

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Hiking | 0 comments

We’ve had some good items come across recently, from gear to food.

NASAR (The National Association For Search And Rescue) has out two guides that are pack ready. Essential Knots and Basic Navigation, the guides are palm-sized and ultra light and most of all…..waterproof. The guides fold out similar to a map and are more than worth the cost. Full color, the guides walk you quickly through what you need to know – without fluff. Want to teach someone how to use a topo map correctly and how to use a compass? This is it. Need to know how to make a basic anchor off a tree? Yes, you can learn it quickly. Every knot is shown in the diagram that you need to know.

They can be found on Amazon as well: Navigation and Knots.

Smoked Salmon Sport Pouch. We found this treat at QFC, a chain owned by Kroger, in the canned fish section. It’s US caught, and packed in the US, not shipped to Asia for this. Taste-wise, it is great. Firm texture. It’s good for both eating by itself (with crackers) or added into meals. Not the cheapest treat, but well worth it.

Alpine Aire Chocolate Cranberry Crunch trail mix. This was a fun trail mix, and I think I liked it even more than the Mango Fire I had previously.

The apples and cranberries pair well with the almonds and pepitas, and multiple types of chocolate. Easy to grab on the way out-of-town, it’s ready to go. I love a simple mix, where there are many choices of flavors.