Kamping has never been so Komfy.

The Best Camping Pad with ALL the advantages!


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Wow. Best sleep I’ve had outdoors ever!!!! The design fits my body perfectly!

James Haden

August 4, 2020

Camping in comfort is now possible with this amazing Camping Pad.

Being outdoors and camping can feel like being in a plush bed with the NEW Kopwin Komfort.

Say GoodBye to backaches and discomfort with the Kopwin Komfort Camping Sleeping Pad.

The only BEST camping sleeping pad you’ll ever need!

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The Kopwin Komfort camping air pad is 80 x 29 inches (205*75cm)

Most other car camping sleeping pads are no bigger than 73 x 22.5 inches (185*56cm)



Other standard pad thickness is 2.5in (6.3cm)

OURS is 6.3in (16cm) at the lowest and 10in (25cm) at the highest point.

This results in a warmer more comfortable sleep. 


Unique Design to fit your body whether you are a side or back sleeper.
Takes the pressure off your sensitive areas while sleeping.


We have included a double layer of 3m Thinsulate foam resulting in…

  • A much more comfortable sleep

  • Eases stress on pressure points

  • Insulate the coldness from the ground


We have made the Kopwin Komfort from a blend of 3-fabric blend of polyester, spandex, and flexible silk.

More Puncture resistant than other fabrics.

Virtually noiseless when sleeping on it, not like most other pads that make scrunching sounds when you move.


East to inflate

Quick to deflate

Easy Peasy

Kamping in Komfort starts NOW!


Say goodbye to backaches and discomfort with the Kopwin Komfort camping sleeping pad.

The only beds for camping you’ll ever need!

Bigger Size, Thicker Pad, and ergonomically designed to fit your body!

See what other happy outdoors campers have to say

Amazing! By far the most comfortable camping pad I’ve ever Tried!

I consider it the best camping mattress pad.


August 24, 2020

Impressed with this pad right from the get-go. The size fits my large body and the material is very thick. I used it last weekend when it was quite chilly and I never woke up cold. It is the best insulated sleeping pad I’ve ever tried.


September 7, 2020


We have spent more than 2 years designing and customizing the Kopwin Komfort, one the BEST sleeping mats for camping..


We have come with a virtual puncture-proof material and backed with a FULL 3 Year Warranty!




  • Thicker Pad
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 3M Thinsulate Foam
  • Easy Inflate Valve
  • Puncture Resistant Material
  • Air Mattress Camping

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2 reviews for Kopwin Komfort 2

  1. Blue Cat Lifestyles

    I have never heard of this brand, but I was sick and tired of thin uncomfortable mattresses.

    My wife and I like to camp, and this one really caught my eye. I was skeptical, but boy am I glad we took the chance.

    First off – easy to inflate – they include this bag that does most of the work, no blowing. And it doesn’t deflate during the night. It’s thick enough to sleep on your side, and a big bonus is you can attach 2 together so we had a queen size mattress with all its comfort in our tent.

    It was chilly outside last time, but we didn’t feel the cold ground through the mattresses.

  2. Hunter F

    WOW, this sleeping pad is the best! A++, highly recommended.

    Let me just tell you as an avid camper who is looking for the most light weight, durable, convenient way to inflate AND to sleep comfortable.. THIS IS IT! This is the best inflatable sleeping pad I’ve owned.

    Not only is it light weight, it’s made of some super awesome materials that just feels soft and that are thick/durable.. all the other crap i’ve bought seems to rip or pop after a few trips, especially in some of the crazy places I’ve camped and with my kids jumping around.

    The inflate bag is so cool and so practical. When I camp alone and take only my backpack, this is a perfect complement.

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